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Axterior's research and development teams surveyed many recruiters from different countries and will focus on improving the following key areas in recruiting:

Reduce time per hire

Axterior will reduce time to hire by 5% to 15% without losing quality of hire. And that is extra 2 - 6 days.

Lower costs per hire

The average cost-per-hire is $4,129 and one of the most critical KPIs recruiters seek to improve.

Increase quality of hire

Recruiters are overwhelmed. Free up recruiters so they can focus on best talents and build high-class relations.

Market for talent is as competitive as ever

Acquiring the right talent is a crucial part of success of any organization, but talent acquisition in today's world can be a challenge

More Job Openings

The number of job openings has relentlessly increased in recent years.
40% of global employers report talent shortages.

Competition for Talent

Companies are competing with each other and throwing a lot’s of resources to get candidate’s attention.

Difficult to Identify

Searching through LinkedIn and other online sources to find candidates is so tedious and time-consuming.

Difficult to Qualify

Hard to determine if a candidate has the right skills, experience, and seniority, as well as relevant company and educational fit.

Increasing Skills Gap

Finding workers with the necessary skill set is
becoming more difficult.
72% of CEOs are concerned about availability of key skills.

Difficult to Engage

Finding a great candidate is useless if they won’t engage and actually interview for your role.

What companies say

“When organizations talk about the future of talent acquisition, there’s a vital shift that must happen around how recruiters emphasize the importance of sourcing and other manual tasks. Eliminating the repetitive aspects of the hiring process gives recruiters the ability to manifest meaningful relationships with people and focus on the more human side of the job. With new tools that can support recruiters’ productivity, talent teams finally have the time to be thoughtful about how to engage, connect, and sustain strong relationships with candidates”

Jacob Morgan
3x Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Futurist

"Recruiting teams are under a lot of pressure because they are in a very very hot economy: the job market is tight, everybody wants to be successful and hire great talents, so we are competing with the same people, and the recruiting process is very manual. It requires an enormous amount of handcrafted work, but the most valuable thing recruiter really does - is simply talk to people and get to know them, sell them on a company, position, career growth or opportunities and learn whether they are a good fit so they need time to do that."

Viltaliy Gnatenko
Product Manager

“Recruiters are expected to do more and more every day, taking a big pool of candidates and shrinking it to those we really want to target,” says Tucker. “That is a big challenge. Today’s talent is very passive – great candidates don’t have to apply to a position to get hired, they are pursued. We have to think smarter about how we recruit.”

LaDonna Tucker
Director of Talent Acquisition/Mobility | Schneider Electric

We are building recruitment software that will allow companies and individuals to source, manage and hire best talents with less time and efforts, grow their talent pools, and improve their ROI on recruitment

Vitalliy Gnatenko
Product Manager, Axterior

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